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Latest News

7/31/03 -
** This is the last news update for this site. If you want to get the latest news go to Yahoo and type in Goo Goo Dolls then go to the tab that says news. Also try visiting the World of Goo Message Board.

- The Artsy Side of Buffalo is an article that you may want to read about the Goo's & tourism in Buffalo.

- There's a small article from The Tribune about the Goo's taking "one song at a time"...just go here.

- Did you miss the Goo's on The Today Show? It's ok, I've got you covered. Just go here for a brief bio on the band as well as their performance of Slide, Sympathy, and What A Scene.

- Updated the TV dates

7/23/03 -
- The Goo's just finished taping their Oxygen performance which will air on September 7th @ 10 PM EST.

- Don't forget to watch the Goo's on the Today Show two days from now (7/25) @ 8:30 AM EST on NBC.

- More tour dates added, scroll down for more info...

7/4/03 -
- Have you seen the outtake pics from the Sympathy video?

- The Oxygen Network has joined the Goo's in bringing a Custom Concert. You can choose your favorite songs, ask them questions, pick a cover song for them to perform, etc. Polls launch on July 10th and end on July 20th at midnight. For more info just head on over to the Oxygen website.

- You might also want to check out a cool contest in which you can win roundtrip airfare for you and twenty-five of your closest friends to Las Vegas, a three night hotel accommodations at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, and a private concert with the Goo Goo Dolls and the Donnas. All the info is over at

- Check out this pretty nifty pic of Robby displaying an audio device he used to narrate the works such as Renoir's 'Luncheon of the Boating Party.'

- The Goo's are at #16 on The Top 20 Video Countdown on VH1. Let's see if we can get them into the Top 10 (and while you're at it vote for Third Eye Blind's new video, "Blinded")! VOTE HERE!!

- Added more TV dates (scroll down for the full listing)

6/18/03 -
How cool is this? The Goo's made it on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs in the Last 25 Years with their song Iris @ #54! Congrat's guys!!

- Speaking of which, the guys also made it on VH1's Top 20 Countdown this past week. The video, Sympathy is @ #18. Let's see if we can get them into the top 10, vote here!!

- There's a small mention of the Goo's and other musicians performing for the Dale Earnhardt Tribute here.

- More TV dates added.

6/8/03 -
- The Goo's made it to VH1's Flava of the Week with their new Sympathy video, yay! Now we just need to get them onto the Top 20 here!

- Added a TV date (rerun)

5/29/03 -
- Hmmmmm, how interesting...

- Have you guys seen the new Sympathy video?!?!

- Yet another hint from Johnny of the Goo's possible departure can be found at All I can say is good things can't last forever...

- Some new tv dates can be found below.

5/20/03 -
- The guys will be performing at The Metro (in Chicago) on July 12th. Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 24 @ 10:00 AM through the Metro Box Office only (Clubhouse Records, 3728 N. Clark St., Chicago). Tickets cost $15.00 and there is now service charge.

- You can check out a full length performance of "Smash" over here!

- Not too much else going on right now, I'll try to keep you guys updated on the latest info...scroll down for some recently added rerun tv dates.

5/4/03 -
- Yay! The Goo's will be performing again as part of The Today Show's Summer Concert Series on July 25 (3 days before my 21st birthday!). They most likely will be performing around 8:30 AM.

- Congratulation's goes out to John for being honored at the ASCAP's for his theme song for "Good Morning, Miami." You can read a little about that here.

4/22/03 -
- The Goo's just finished touring with Bon Jovi. They will be rejoining Bon Jovi in the summer for the 2nd leg of their tour (see new tour dates below and a small article here).

- There are a few photos from Reuters over here, here, here, and here.

- There's a small article about Robby's bout with cellulitis of the elbow. You can check that out over at

- Star 98.7 has a few pics up of the guys performing at the Star Lounge at The Highlands, you can view those here.

4/5/03 -
- Not too much happening right now. Although, there is talk that the Goo's will be headlining Bon Jovi's summer tour. More info on that later...

- Another TV date has been added to the bottom (rerun).

3/30/03 -
- The guys are still touring with Bon Jovi. You can read a few reviews from Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, NY.

- There's an interview with Robby from the Denver Post which can be found here.

- You can check out about 20 pics of Bon Jovi and the Goo Goo Dolls in Chicago over at

- TV date added (its a rerun.

TV dates:
8/05/03 100 Greatest Songs from the Last 25 Years @ 2:00 PM EST (VH1)
8/08/03 100 Sexiest Artists @ 7:00 PM EST (VH1)
8/09/03 VH1 Goes Inside @ 11:00 PM EST (VH1)
9/07/03 Goo Goo Dolls Custom Concert @ 10 PM EST (OXYGEN)

Live Appearances:
(you can get tickets through Ticketmaster)
Goo Tour Dates:
08/01/03 Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Amphitheatre
08/03/03 Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
08/04/03 Hartford, CT - Meadows Music
08/08/03 Rapid City, SD - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Arena
08/09/03 Yates, ND - Prairie Knights Casino Pavilion
08/11/03 Des Moines, IA - Iowa State Fair
08/12/03 Springfield, IL - Illinois State Fair
08/13/03 Wichita, KS - Century II Concert Hall
08/15/03 Louisville, KY - Kentucky State Fair
08/16/03 Sedalia, MO - Missouri State Fair
08/17/03 Sioux Falls, SD - Washington Pavilion of Arts & Sciences
08/19/03 Appleton, WI - Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
08/20/03 Rockford, IL - Coronado Theatre
08/22/03 Atlanta, GA - Centennial Olympic Park
08/23/03 Robinsonville, MS - Grand Casino-Tunica
08/25/03 Hampton, NH - Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
08/26/03 Darien Center, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center (w/ Sugar Ray)
08/27/03 Syracuse, NY - New York State Fair
08/31/03 Virginia Beach, VA - Verizon American Music Fest
09/04/03 Tucson, AZ - Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater
09/05/03 San Diego, CA - San Diego Street Scene
09/06/03 Kelseyville, CA - Konocti Field Amphitheatre
09/08/03 Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
09/10/03 Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues
09/11/03 Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues

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