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Old News

3/20/03 -
- In case you haven't heard, John has made a small guest appearance in a car ad, yes that's right, a car ad (for the Lincoln Aviator). You can check it all out here.

- In other news, as I was surfing around at an Open House Party site I found this banner promoting Sympathy.

- There are two new articles regarding the Goo's playing at a tribute concert for Dale Earnhardt on June 28th at the International Speedway at Daytona Beach, Florida (proceeds go to the Dale Earnhardt Legacy Program, which will donate money to children's, wildlife and educational programs). To read more you can either go this link or this link.

3/11/03 -
- Not too much going on in Goo news, the guys are performing at the Nine Thirty Club in Washington, DC tonight. I've added a new TV date, scroll down for more info (I believe it's a rerun).

3/2/03 -
- Sympathy hit radio waves on February 17 and 18th and in some places it's a very popular song! Be sure to help promote the new single by calling into your local radio station and requesting Sympathy!! :)

- If you missed the Goo's on Sabrina they will be airing the show again March 7th @ 8:30 PM EST on the WB.

2/23/03 -
- Well there isn't alot of Goo news right now...they are still winding their way across the country as part of the Bon Jovi tour.

2/15/03 -
- Not too much in the way of Goo news right now. The guys just recently started their tour with Bon Jovi on February 8th, you can check out a press photo from one of the concerts here.

2/1/03 -
- Some news on the Bon Jovi/Goo Goo Dolls tour, both bands will be performing at Tiger Jam VI on April 19. Tickets for the concert will go on sale to the general public beginning today via Ticketmaster and the Mandalay Bay Events Center Box Office. Individual ticket prices start at $45. You can read the official news here.

- Don't forget to watch the guys perform at the NHL All Star Hockey Game tomorrow @ 2:30 PM EST on ABC!

- A few more TV dates (repeats) have been added, just scroll down for all the info.

1/25/03 -
- If you tune in to RealPlayer's SuperPass tonight you can catch the Goo's performing live from San Diego, CA at 10:30 PM EST. Here's a link for more info.

- If you can't catch the Goo's tonight then watch the Super Bowl Pre Game show at 2:00 PM on ABC...they will be performing Big Machine!!

- Also, the guys will be appearing on the Jay Leno Show (again, wahooo...Leno can't get enough of!) at 11:30 on January 30 on NBC!

- For those of you who have a DVD player, mark your calendars because March 18th MTV will be releasing the Goo's on Music In High Places!

- Another TV date not to forget is the first intermission of the NHL All Star Hockey Game where the Goo's will be performing Sympathy. You can check it out all the action on February 2nd @ 2:30 PM on ABC.

- John made VH1's list as one of rocks most eligible bachelors...for more info just click here.

1/18/03 -
- John recently commented to the media that Mike and Robby had no problem with his recent Top 10 Hit, "I'm Still Here." You can read the short article here.

- The Goo's announced the official tour dates with Bon can read the full article over at Yahoo News or you can scroll down for all the Goo/Jovi tour dates.

- Are you a big football fan? No, well neither am I but you may want to check this out. The Goo's are going to be headlining the Superbowl concert series. They are scheduled to perform at 7:30 PM on Sat. January 25th (I'm not sure if this will be televised...I'll try to keep you updated on the latest). To read more just click here.

- When John appeared on the red carpet at the AMA's he told reporters that he was excited about touring with Bon Jovi. He said, "Yeah, think it's gonna be great. It will be nice to play in front of, like, huge crowds. They're so popular. They've reached that sort of cultural-icon status. Yeah, It's gonna be fun." If you want you can read more here.

- Congrat's goes out to John, he's been nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globe Awards. The awards ceremony will be held on January 19th on NBC.

- There are a few pics of John and his guest on the red carpet and John with Paula Abdul at the AMA's. You can a few of the pics out over at

12/28/02 -
- John and Rob were on VH1's "I Love The 80's" last week. John commented about Run DMC, Aerosmith, how he dislikes hippies, and Tetris. Rob talked about the Grateful Dead and the song Funky Cold Medina. VH1 will be repeating their can check out the list here (they guys appeared on the later years, starting with '86 I believe).

- There's a short video over at VH1 showing a clip with the Goo's from Ambushed that you can check out.

- The Goo's will join Sheryl Crow on February 2nd to perform at the NHL All-Star Game in Sunrise, FL (they will be performing Sympathy!) can check out a full press article here.

- There's a short video of John talking about underwear (yes, girls at (reminds me of 3EB's ubiquitous lil red!).

12/14/02 -
- John will be appearing on The Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn on the 21st and on the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade on the 25th...scroll down for a list of more dates!

- This is too funny...I used to use these small fill-in pencils to hide holes in the walls but John has a different idea...check it out! Oh, and while you are at it, you might also want to check out before and after pics of Rock The House w/ the guys here.

12/1/02 -- There's a brief mention of what the Goo's did for Thanksgiving over at

- The I'm Still Here video made it to #9 on VH1's Top 20 Countdown this week!

- Don't forget to watch Rock The House with the guys @ 10 PM tomorrow night on VH1! There are also a bunch of repeat times, scroll down for the complete listing! :)

11/23/02 -
- I could've sworn I posted this earlier in the year but I can't seem to find it. There's an interview from the ASCAP about John writing can read it all here (there are also some small pics of John).

- VH1 is going to be having an awards show called "VH1 Big In 2002 Awards," John is nominated under the "Biggest Photos (Live and Well)" section.

- You can check out an article from the TV Guide regarding John's new solo song and Treasure Planet (there's a nice little pic as well).

- John was named "Artist of the Day" on November 19th @ You can read the article here.

- Check out this cute pic of John and his niece, Alexa, at the Treasure Planet Premiere here. There's also another pic of John at the premiere here and here.

- You can check out some small thumbnails of John @ VH1's Save The Music Foundation (held on November 20th) here.

- There is a small article over at regarding John and the release of the Treasure Planet Soundtrack.

11/16/02 -
- John will be performing "I'm Still Here" on Regis and Kelly November 20th. Check your local listings for time and station (I'm pretty sure it airs @ 10 AM on NBC but not 100% positive).

- has the "I'm Still Here" video at their can check it out here.

- The IFC (Independent Film Channel) will be airing an episode of the guys hosting one of their shows. They will feature short clips of the Goo's as well doing silly things. Here's the info:
Saturday 16th EST
8:00pm Gimme Shelter
9:45pm SLC Punks
11:45pm I Shot Andy Warhol

Sunday 17th EST
8:00pm A Life Less Ordinary
10:00pm Love and A 45

11/12/02 -
- Thanks again to Alison for letting me know that I'm Still Here has moved from #6 to #3 on 92 Pro FM's Top 9 @ 9!

- Speaking of I'm Still Here, the video is currently @ #14 on VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown!

- Iris made it to #66 on VH1's 100 Greatest Love Songs! You can check out the countdown here.

- Added more TV dates...scroll down for the latest...

11/11/02 -
- Just because John has written hit songs for movies such as Iris and now I'm Still Here doesn't mean he's given up on the band. You can read more over at

- John will not be playing "I'm Still Here" at the Goo's upcoming concerts. You can check out a quick mention of that here.

- Thanks to my cousin, Alison for letting me know that on our local radio station (92 Pro FM) "I'm Still Here" made it to #6 on the Top 9 at 9!

11/2/02 -
- You can listen to a really cool interview with John on Rick Dees here and check out some pics of the interview while you are there! :)

- There's an article over at regarding John going solo for I'm Still Here.

- Don't forget to watch the Goo's making appearances on Sabrina and Drew Carey (scroll down for times)!

10/26/02 -
- Some good news on John's song/video I'm Still Here, it debuted at #20 on VH1's Top 20 Countdown and is #36 on the adult top 40 charts...congrat's to John!

- Some new TV dates added, check that out!

10/12/02 -
- Mike celebrated his 35th birthday October 10th, Happy belated birthday Mike!! Ther's a small mention of his birthday in this day in history right here.

- There is a press release regarding the Fall 2002 can read that here.

- There is another article regarding the Goo's busy schedule, No Rest for the Goo Goo Dolls.

10/6/02 -
- Ok Goo fans...time to get the vote out. Big Machine dropped from #12 to #19 on VH1's Top 20 Countdown...yikes!! Get it back up where it belongs and vote by going here!

- There's a small mention of the Goo's in a Bon Jovi article. It says:
Post: Politics aside, you and your band have always faced an uphill battle to make it in music. Why?
Bon Jovi: There are radio stations that just won't play Bon Jovi. If my record said Goo Goo Dolls on it, they'd be playing it. They see Bon Jovi, and they say we're too old. I'm 40 years old, gimme a break. I'm frustrated by that. I want people to hear the music.
You can read the full article here.

- You can read an article about John and Treasure Planet over at

9/22/02 -
- Congrat's go out to John for making VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists...he made it into the countdown @ #50! You can check out everything including the 100 Sexiest Artists list over at :)

- Don't forget to watch some new TV shows featuring the Goo's: 9/23 The Wayne Brady Show @ 9 AM, 9/24 Buffy @ 8 PM (UPN), 9/25 100 Sexiest Artists (60 - 41) @ 10 PM (VH1), 9/27 Music In High Places @ 10 PM (MTV), and 11/1 Sabrina The Teenage Witch @ 8 PM (WB).

- Lots of TV updates, scroll down for more info...

- You can check out a chat transcript with the Goo's over @ The guys had appeared on CNN's The Music Room segment a few days ago.

9/14/02 -
- There is a small article over at Yahoo! News calledGoo Goo Dolls Had to Be Bad First that you may wanna check out.

- There's a review of the Albuquerque concert here but unfortunately you have to be a subscriber. :(

- There's an interview with Vanessa Carlton and it mentions the Goo's and can check that out here.

- Some new TV dates for all of you avid fans...the Goo's will be on the season premiere of Buffy (wahoooooo!) as well as MTV's Music In High Places. You can check out all the info below under TV dates!

9/7/02 -
- The Goo's will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on September 11th @ 11:30 PM for a 9/11 tribute.

- The guys also have a goo webcam set up for two of their concerts. You can check out their live performances on September 10th (from Las Vegas) and September 13 (from LA). I believe that both shows will start at 7:00 PM but just in case you may want to check out the official site.

- You can check out a GREAT review of the Nashville, TN concert from the Tennessean Newspaper here!

9/2/02 -
- Not alot in the way of Goo news...they are still touring though. There have been alot of TV dates added so you can scroll down and check those out!

8/25/02 -
- Saturn is having a contest where you can win a trip for you and 3 friends to see the Goo Goo Dolls in San Diego, CA in September. Airfair, hotel, and even spending money is provided! You can check out all the details at

- The Goo's are going to be appearing on Sabrina The Teenage Witch sometime this if they could only be invited to go on SNL. I'll keep can read more about their appearance on Sabrina here.

- There is a brief article over at Yahoo! News stating that the Goo's will be joined by Nickelback and Default during a few Austrailian tour dates.

- Another quick article about the Goo's and BBMak. Apparently, BBMak had teamed up with Rob Cavallo for their newest record. There's a brief mention of the Goo's which you can read here.

- Also, in Yahoo! New sightings they mention Johnny shopping for a shirt at the Churrascaria Plataforma merchandise shop. You can read that here.

- I found an interview from May 28th @ The Chicago Sun Times.

8/15/02 -
- On Sunday I saw the Goo's, 3EB, and Vanessa Carlton...all I have to say is that concert rocked!

- Speaking of concerts, there are a ton of reviews from all over the US. Here are just a few: The Buffalo News, Buffalo News (Interview w/ John), Kansas City Review, Goo Goo Dolls Are Gimmick-Free, Glorious (from the Boston need a subscription unfortunately).

- You can check out two concert photos from the Buffalo concert here and here.

- You can read an article about a 52 yr old writer for USA Today being introduced to Goo music. Check it all out here.

- You can check out pics from the Goo's performing on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno over here.

7/31/02 -
- The Goo's started the second leg of their Gutterflower Tour with Third Eye Blind and Vanessa Carlton on Monday night in Phoenix, AZ. You can read a very long interview/review of the Goo Goo Dolls over at Phoenix Times.

- You can also read a little mention about the kickoff over at

- If you are attending a Goo concert be sure to bring some canned goods for USA Harvest. If you write your name on the can you will automatically be entered to win backstages passes at that concert!

- Speaking of contests, be on the look-out for some people with laptops at the venue. You can enter to win to see the Goo's last performance in San Diego, CA.

- Forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago. Mike was on the cover of Modern Drummer can check out the article here.

- You can also check out pics of the guys over at Hard Rock Live.

- There's an article over at the Cleveland Free Times that you should definately check out.7/21/02 -
- I saw this on the World of Goo message board. It's a funny video on MSN on how to kill a TV set featuring the Goo's. You can check it out here.

- You may wanna check out the official Goo site for some new shirts at the Goo store.

7/8/02 -
- You can check out some new pics of the guys as well as an interview over at

- While your at it head on over to Much Music's website for tons of Goo media and interviews!

- The Goo's will be heading out to Alaska for a taping of VH1's new show, Music In High Places. No air date has been set yet but I'll keep you updated on the latest.

- The Goo's are also getting ready to film their next video, the single will be Big Machine.

- You can check out an article from that says Johnny is one of their 12 Sexiest Men here.

6/9/02 -
- There's a small article over at discussing the Goo/3EB can read that here.

- VH1 also mentions the upcoming can read what they have to say over here.

- Goo In Your Eye? Yes that's right, another article about the!

- You can check out all the pics of the Goo's and some videos too from the Kiss Concert here.

- Did you miss The Today Show Summer concert series? If you did or if you wanna watch some clips just click here!

6/5/02 -
- You can read yet another article from about the Goo/Third Eye Blind Tour.

- There's also an article from about the tour that you can check out here.

- Check out VH1 Storytellers with the Goo Goo Dolls. You can watch a few clips and check out some really good pics of the guys during the show!!

- has a small clip of the making of the Here Is Gone can check that out here.

- I listened to Open House Party last Saturday when they were broadcasting live from the Kiss Concert. They interviewed the Goo's and Johnny said the next single was probably going to be Big Machine.

- Over at the Late Show with David Letterman they are asking do the Goo Goo Dolls call themselves The Goo Goo Dolls or just Goo Goo can check out the lil blurb close to the bottom of the site here.

- The Here Is Gone video dropped 2 notches to #7 on the Top 30 Video Countdown on VH1.

- MMUSA has a few clips of the guys talking about the fan videos sent in for the Class Dismissed contest and about their own high school can check that out here and here.

- New Goo/Third Eye Blind tour dates have been added!

- Added more TV dates.

5/28/02 -
- Not alot of news right now...the Goo's are on Leg 1 of the Gutterflower tour. You can scroll down for important TV dates though! Don't forget to listen to Open House Party Saturday Night...they will be broadcasting live from the Kiss Concert (about 45 min from where I live...tehe) and you may be able to hear the Goo's performing!

5/18/02 -
- VH1 Storytellers with the Goo's will premiere July 2nd @ 7 PM so don't forget to watch it!

- "Here Is Gone" is @ #5 on VH1's Top 30 can watch the chart here.

- There's a small article over at about Five For Fighting touring with the Goo's and lists the tour dates as well.

- In case you haven't already read this article I figured I would post the interview with Johnny here (from Rolling Stone).

- You will be able to watch Class Dismissed on MMUSA with the Goo's on June 27th (no time set yet...I'll keep you posted).

- Added TV dates below.

5/4/02 -
- Don't forget to tune into Open House Party to hear an interview with the Goo's tonight! Oh, also Here Is Gone is the #9 most requested song on OHP! :)

- Speaking of countdowns, the video is @ #5 on VH1's Top 30 can check the full list here.

- You can read a new and lengthy interview from VH1 here!

- Did you miss the online chat with the Goo's @ MMUSA? Have no fear, you can read it all here!

4/26/02 -
- You can check out some new pics of Johnny and a great interview in Guitar One Magazine (June 2002 issue). I've added pics from the magazine on my pics page (pg 8). (thanks to Suzy for giving me the heads up about this mag!)

- There is also an article with some new pics of Johnny and Robby in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. There is a really long interview in that magazine that is definately worth reading!

- You can check out a small article from about the Gutterflower Tour.

- You enter to win a contest to meet the Goo's here.

- I went to the Goo chat last Wednesday w/ Much Music and I will be posting the transcript sometime next week!

- Some new TV dates added.

- If you listen to Open House Party tonight you can win a chance to see the Goo Goo Dolls @ Hard Rock have to call in when you here someone saying, "I've fallen and I can't get up!" You can also check out Open House Party for other info.

4/21/02 -
- Lots of chart info for you guys. "Here Is Gone" is #20 on the Billboard's Top 100, #4 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart, and it's #1 on The Canadian Hits Chart!

- You can read an article here from about the Goo's selling over 100,000 copies in their first week as well as some tour dates.

- ExtraTV has a small article on the Goo's and the success of Gutterflower, you can read it here.

- There is another small article here regarding the Goo's signing @ Virgin Mega Store in Chicago.

- You can check out a bunch of pics of the Goo's @ Z100's site.

- Don't forget to set your VCR's for tomorrow night (4/22), the Goo's will be on the Late World w/ Zack @ 11 PM and then they will be on Much Music USA the 24th @ 7 PM...always check the TV dates below as well as tour dates!

4/15/02 -
- Wow...the video for "Here Is Gone" has reached #8 on VH1's Top 20 can see the list of the top 20 here.

- There's an article from about Goo's going out on the road can read the article here.

- The guys will be appearing on a MuchMusic chat on April 24th @ 7 PM EST. You can visit MuchMusic's site for more info and submit a question to them.

- Don't forget to be on the lookout for the Goo's appearing in these magazines: April 25, 2002 Issue Of Rolling Stone, May 2002 Issue Of EQ , and the April 6th 2002 Issue Of Billboard.

- Oh, I was listening to Open House Party this weekend and after they played "Here Is Gone" they had an ad for Open House Party w/ the Goo's. It went something like, "Hi, I'm John, I'm Robby, and I'm Mike, you're listening to Open House Party..." and then they listed the phone number to request a song on Open House was just pretty cool to hear them. :)

- The single for "Here Is Gone" is going onsale April 22nd in Australia.

4/6/02 -
- HELLZ YEAH...Here Is Gone is @ #24 on the Billboard Modern Rock can read the article from here!!

- There is an interview with Johnny @ as well. In it Johnny discusses what the name Gutterflower means, writers block, and leading a single life. You can read the full article here.

- You can read a review of Gutterflower here.

- If you are in the NY area the guys will be appearing @ FYE Music Store April 9th around 6 PM (FYE is located @ 1290 Avenue Of The Americas New York, NY). Z100 will also be broadcasting from the FYE music store with the Goo Goo can listen online at their official site here!

- Don't forget to watch all their appearances including TRL on April 9th!! (scroll down for all the TV dates as well as radio appearances!)

- Also be on the lookout for the guys appearing in the May 2002 Issue Of EQ Magazine and the April 6th 2002 Issue of Billboard Magazine!

- Another important thing...if you are not an AOL member you can still listen to their AOL online interview here!

4/5/02 -
AHHHHHH! Sweetness!! An Online Goo Street Team...check it out and join here!!!

- Don't forget to record The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno tonight!

3/30/02 -
- Just a small bit of news...first off if you want to keep track of all these TV dates I've made April's calendar which includes a bunch of TV dates (although those dates can change so don't hold me to it).

Second, the Goo Goo Dolls are going to be VH1's Artist of the Month for April (yey!).

- Third, I received an e-mail from Wendy (an independent contractor who works with Warner Brothers). She says: There is a download of the Goos performing a live track with Chris Isaak from his forthcoming album. This download is taken from the live performance on Chris's show. You can download the track "I See You Everywhere" here.

- Also scroll down for new TV dates...

3/23/02 -
- Check this out, this just shows how much voting pays off! thanks for sending this in Jose!

- Another thing you may wanna check out...Teen People Listening Lounge with the Goo Goo Dolls!

- Don't forget to watch TRL on Monday for the premiere of Here Is Gone...also be sure to vote for the video on TRL here.

- The Here Is Gone video premiered @ #19 today on VH1's Top 20 countdown!

- Another great place to vote for the Here Is Gone song is Open House Party w/ John Garrabedian. Your radio station may play this at fact...I just heard Here Is Gone playing. Just call in and request the song...let's see if everyone can get it to the #1 most requested other fav artist, Darren Hayes is @ #1 now!!!

3/18/02 -
- Yet another article about Gutterflower and the Here Is Gone single that you can read here from

- Also, Wednesday the guys will be making an appearance on Much Music. Stay tuned for more info...

3/17/02 -
- There are articles galore for you to read about the new Gutterflower CD. For example, from there's a new article from that you can read here, another article about "Here is Gone" from launch, and about the Gutterflower release also from launch.

- As for other Goo news there's a bunch more...first off the Goo's will be performing at the Grand Prix on April 13, you can read more about that here.

- Johnny spoke out to about being single and alone, you can read his opinion/feelings here.

- Speaking of Johnny how about reading some news on his role in the upcoming Disney movie he is in.

- How about Spring Break?.?. I am on it right now...well lucky for fans down in Florida the Goo's will be performing at Daytona Beach on March more about that here.

- The guys will also be performing at STAR 98.7's Fan Nation 2 on April 27th, you can get more info on that event @ STAR 98.7's Official Site (tickets went onsale yesterday the 16th).

- The Goo's also performed recently for MTV's "Jammed" where they surprised a bunch of high schoolers from Buffalo Performing Arts Academy, the Nichols School and Olean Central High School. You can read all about the event (which will air on MTV April 9th) here, here, and here (includes lots of pics).

3/3/02 -
- The Goo's performed "Here Is Gone" @ the House of Blues on the 26th and on the red carpet Johnny said, "I guess it's like an awareness thing, you know? Since the 11th of September and the bizarre circumstances of the last presidential election, it's like it's more important now to get involved in the process than ever before." You can read a full length article here and you can check out a few pics here, here, and here.

- The new single "Here Is Gone" will be released on radio airwaves March 12th! :)

- The guys just finished wrapping up a webcast type of performance for AOL, not sure when they will be playing that online but I will keep you updated as always.

- Have you seen the track listings for Gutterflower? If not here they are: 1) Big Machine 2) Think About Me 3) Here Is Gone 4) You Never Know 5) What A Scene 6) Up Up Up 7) It's Over 8) Sympathy 9) What Do You Need ? 10) Smash 11) Tucked Away 12) Truth Is A Whisper

- Added a TV date, scroll down for all the listings.

- FYI: When the new Gutterflower CD is released it will contain and internet key (like the EOAC CD did) in order to access an exclusive collection of Gooey material and member only type priveleges during the tour.

- Also, be on the lookout for a revamped site of the Daily Goo. :)

2/23/02 -
- The Goo's performed last night at the Olympics on the Jay Leno show, I only saw them play one song, Broadyway...sniff. Supposedly they played a bunch of songs like Dizzy, Name, Bulletproof, Naked, Iris, American Girl and lots more. Too bad they didn't broadcast it all. :( You can check out a few behind the scenes shots while they were practicing here and here.

- Check out my Making the CD section to read a new article discussing the release of Gutterflower.

- The guys will be working on a Storyteller's episode real soon.

- 2/16/02 -
- The Goo's are finishing up their video shoot of "Here is Gone." Eeee...I can't wait! Check out a snap and one more here.

- FYI: The new single, "Here is Gone," should be released sometime in the beginning of March.

- According to the Daily Goo the guys have booked an MTV appearance...not sure exactly what yet though...

- The guys will also be appearing on VH1's Storytellers (yeah...jumps up screaming)...sometime in the near future.

- The tour dates are almost ready to be confirmed as well.

- I am still unsure of what time the Goo's will be performing at the Olympics. The official site mentions nothing about times. If you here something let me know. I am guessing that they will appear sometime after 8 PM but I am not real sure.

2/9/02 -
- The Goo's will be performing along with others such as Destiny's Child and the Dave Matthews Band at the Patrick Lippert Awards, presented to musicians who make efforts to educate young people about political issues, at MTV's Rock the Vote event on February 26, not sure if it will be televised or not... :(

- Don't forget to watch the guys performing at the Olympics on the 22nd and on the 23rd you can catch them on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!!

- You can enter to win two Fender Amps signed by Johnny and others here.

- Check out the new contest that you could win over at MuchMusic USA. All you have to do is submit a music video of the Goo Goo Dolls' song "Slide." he music video you submit can be created one of two ways: through MMUSA's Videolator, or on a VHS videocassette. You'll have to make sure when submitting your video that you do not use copyrighted material. You also have to be a senior in high school (sniff...I missed that by one year...sniff) in the US and live in a participating area to qualify.

2/3/02 -
- The Goo's new single will not be "Think of Me" but instead "Here is Gone" and they also finalized a concept for the music video as well!

- You can check out two articles discussing the Goo's performing at the Winter Olympics on February 22 here and here!

- As for some Goo member news, Mike Malinin has made a small appearance on a new CD by Susan Sandberg. The CD is titled “Down Comes the Night” in which Mike plays the drums on tracks 4 ("Heavyweight") and 6 ("Mile High"). You can check out Susan's Sandberg's Official Site or go to

1/27/02 -
- The Goo's new single, "Think of Me", will be released sometime in February!

- Right now the guys are shooting a promo for MuchMusic USA for a contest in which the Goo's will perform at someone's school.

- You can check out a picture of Johnny's character he will be playing in the Disney Movie, Treasure Planet, here.

1/16/02 -
- Well here's some good news, the Gutterflowers is going to be released April 9, 2002! I can't wait that much longer though...ahhh!!!

- Also don't forget to watch the Winter Olympics on February 22 because the Goo's will be performing yet again!

- A new single has also been picked off of the Gutterflower CD, we'll just have to wait and see/hear what it is!

1/5/02 -
- ATTENTION ALL GOO FANS!!! I was just listening to Open House Party with John Garabedian and someone requested Slide. After they played the song John's friend mentioned to him that February 26 is when the new CD, Gutterflower, is supposed to come out. He also said they were supposed to release a new single sometime this month (probably the end)!!!

- Here is a great article from The Buffalo News reviewing the WNY food bank concert, written by a high school freshman.

- Speaking of reviews, there is another article from The Buffalo News on the concert, check this one out as well! Thanks again for sharing this info with me Suzy!

12/29/01 -

- Speaking of the benefit there are numerous links discussing the event. For example, this is the official F0X 29 Buffalo TV station which will be broadcasting the event. Kiss 98.5, Buffalo's local radio station posted the Goo's concert on their site...even showing that it's sold out! Another Buffalo radio station, 103.3 The Edge has a bunch of info on the concert like where to drop food off and a chance to win tickets (unfortunately the contest is now closed...sorry guys...). Finally, you can check out to learn more about where the Goo's are performing. Thanks again to my Goo informant Suzy for sending all this info to me!

- Also check out the 7 links to the Goo's benefit flyer over at where you can bid on the WNY Food Bank flyer that the Goo's signed. There will be seven different winners, here's all seven links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

12/24/01 -
- The Buffalo News (the GGD's hometown newspaper) has an article interviewing Johnny when the Goos were in Vancouver taping their appearance on The Chris Isaak Show. You can read the article in its entirety here.

- Pulse Magazine (from Tower records) has another article discussing the making of the Gutterflower CD, and mentions "Bar Open". Read it all here and if you want to see more pictures of the Goo's along with the article you can buy the Pulse Magazine at your local store. Thanks Suzy for sending me these two great articles!

- Check out two pics of the guys rehearsing for the Chris Issak show here and here.

- Speaking of the Chris Issak show...the boys will not only be doing a lil sketch with the star of the show but they will also be performing their new song off the Gutterflower CD called "Think About Me."

- More TV dates added.

12/9/01 -
- John's GTO is still up for sale on eBay, you can read some news in brief about the GTO and the Gutterflowers CD here.

- The guys are helping New York out in yet another huge way, they will be holding a huge benefit/raffle/telethon for the Food Bank of Western New York on December 27th at Sheas Performing Arts Cente. They are calling this benefit, "Home For The Holidays." The telethon will be aired 2 days later on the 29th on some local stations...rock memorabilia will also be auctioned off at the benefit!

- Check out the making of the cd section for the latest Gutterflower articles!

12/01/01 -
- Fender just launched a new site, the Fender Players Club. It features lessons, equipment, advice, a store, featured legends, featured artists including the Goo Goo Dolls. You can check it out here. A big thanks to Suzy for sending this to me!

- You can read a press release from about Johnny's appearance on their new ad.

11/24/01 -
- Johnny's 1967 Pontaic GTO is being auctioned off in December on VH1 to benefit the VH1 Save the Music foundation. There will be tons of Rock memorabilia being auctioned off on December 2nd, check out for more. If you want to check out the pics of John's GTO go here, here, and here!

- The Goo Goo Dolls will be performing live at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday, January 24, 2002 @ 8:00PM. It's a 21 + can get your tickets @ Ticketmaster.

- New TV dates added at the bottom.

11/18/01 -
- The tracklist for The Concert For New York City album has been announced. The two-disc package features 32 tracks. It comes out November 27 on Columbia Records, with a DVD/VHS video to follow. Net proceeds from the sale will benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which is providing aid to New Yorkers victimized by the September 11 terror attack. If you want you can read the track listings (which includes the Goo's performing "American Girl") here.

- DVD and VHS versions of the America: A Tribute To Heroes telethon (including John and Fred singing "Wish You Were Here"), are set to arrive in stores simultaneously with the telecast's CD release, on December 4. The video packages will capture the entirety of the September 21 worldwide television event, which has raised more than $150,000 for September 11 relief, according to recent reports. You can read more here.