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"It's better to have a pocket full of regrets than to never have lived." -8/28/99 Canandaigua show

"If you write a cool, amazing song that you mean, and you go put your leather pants on and play it in front of people, that's okay. But if you put your leather pants on and stand in front of a mirror and say, 'Okay, I've got to write a song to fit these pants,' then you're in trouble." -Guild Gallery, July-Dec. '99

"It's such a thrill to perform live. You never know if you're going to get hit with a bottle or a bra." -The Buffalo News NeXt section

"I am the only guy in the world who has a self-help tatoo."

"I can always tell how good a performance I had by how soaking wet I am, how many guitar strings I broke, and how fast I fall asleep." -Teen People, Dec. '98

"You can't swim in the pool without splashing somebody sometimes. You know. And If you swim through a spot that's too warm you know something's wrong."

"He held my head when I threw up in the toilet. He took me to the hospital to have my stomach pumped. He loaned me twenty bucks last night. He listens to all my lies and ignores me when I'm full of shit. And that's a big difference, if you know what I mean." (John's introduction of Robby)

"You know you've made it when you have your own private stalker!"

"There are two things you gotta learn how to say in life, thank you, and f--- you!"

"I really believe that women have much easier access to their souls than men do. Because as men we're taught to wear masks, to drown our emotions in competition and making money. Now women are being forced to do that too. But I admire their capacity to bear their spirituality so much more deeply than men." -Guitar World, Feb. '00

"Whenever I get upset, I remember that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to stick up your middle finger."

"My feeling is that inspiration is only a spark, which you then have to follow. And it generally lasts only for a moment. You get that spark, but then it requires work to build the fire." -The Perfoming Songwriter, Nov. '99

"What moved me most about the film was how it presented a metaphor of the defenses we develop to protect ourselves and how taking a leap or risk is so important to really really be alive." (about "City of Angels")

"Those songs weren't written to be hits; they were honest statements. When they became hits, it just validated the real feelings behind them." (about "Iris" and "Name")

"I don't know about this internet, it scares the shit out of me." (submitted by Ellie)

"Playing bass is my husband, my wife, Robby." - John's introduction for Robby (submitted by Alyssa)

"Punk's not dead; it's just at K-Mart" (submitted by Merike)

"Basically, I like to think of it like you have to get a life and screw it up, so that you've got something to write about" (submitted by Patti Rocks)

"You know, I used to look pretty good in a dress." - Johnny, VH1 Storytellers (submitted by Brinnin)

"I don't have any children that you can have. But I do have a cat. He likes to sit on my face..." - Johnny in responce to a woman asking "can I have your children?" (submitted by Tori)

"Hey look its my big purple guitar!" (submitted by Tori)

"I don't know what it is but everytime before I play this song I almost have a nervous breakdown, it was our first hit." - Johnny on "Name" (submitted by Sarah)

"Well let's just call up your friend Beth...Hey, Beth! So how come you're too cheap to buy a ticket to our show?" - John, on an audience member's cell phone, Detroit 8/21/02 (submitted by Lauren)

"I'm hotter then a hooker in a church!" - John at the Dale Earnhardt Tribute, 6-28-03 (submitted by Asheton)

Interviewer: "So you describe your career in 3 stages: drunk, hungover and sober, which phase are you in now?"
Johnny: "Oh this is the fourth phase...where we are thinking about getting drunk again..." (submitted by Sarah)

"When no one wants to talk to you, that it when you want to talk to everyone."

"Y'know, Johnny waited 'til he was 32 to get his license, and now he thinks he's a real stunt driver." -Teen Celebrity, Nov. '99

"If we had 15 more minutes..." (about their name) - Rolling Stone, Nov. '99

"Dude, we fight sometimes like you would never believe. We've chased each other down the block. I threw him down a staircase when his arm was broken." (about his fights with John) -Rolling Stone, Nov. '99

"All you can do is do what you're doing and keep asking yourself, 'Is this a) What I want to be doing, and b) Do I look like an idiot doing it?' If the answer to both questions is correct, on you go." (submitted by Leah)

"Tonight, my friends, we are all from Buffalo." - 8/28/02 Raleigh concert (submitted by Leah)

"I promote anything that causes mass hysteria in children" - Robby on Pokemon (submitted by Sydney)

"We write some of the most depressing happy songs you've heard in your life." Robby from The Plasma Channel interview (submitted by Leah)

"Mike? What's that noise that comes out of your face sometimes?" Robby Takac from Rolling Stone November '99 (submitted by anonymous)

"You can really drive yourself crazy, ya know we have been a band since 1986, you can really drive yourself crazy by having your goal for you too huge, if it doesnt happen your miserable constantly, so you set short goals." - Robby's answer to their sucess (submitted by Sarah)

"My karma and charisma brought fame to the band." -Things that Go Goo In the Night Interview

"I like hitting stuff, everything else is overrated." (when asked about any hidden talents)

"We're going into our next phase of artistic rock, so we don't need the lyrics anymore - the music speaks."

"Do you know what it's like when your about to eat your nice roast beef sandwhich and there's this guy going 'Hey, Mike, check me out!' and dancing on your table?" - (on Johnny's private table dance) (submitted by Kate)

"God, I thought he was singing to me." - Mike on Two Days In February (submitted by Ellie)

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