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MMUSA Chat Transcript

MMUSA: Hey! Glad you could join us.
First off, you probably all know where we got our name.
If you don't, ask someone.
But not here.
Okay, let's go.
Irisfan - Iris and Slide had to be 2 of the greatest songs ever. With both still popular on the charts, do you see "Here Is Gone" as having the same success?
Goo's - That was a great thing for us. Right now we need to just keep our heads down and put on good rock shows for the next couple of years.
Ashley - When you write the songs for the albums, what mix do you look for?
Goo's - When we went into this record, we knew we wanted to have a little harder edged mix than we had on the Dizzy record. Tom Lord Algee is a really agressive mixer and ended up being really perfect for the Gutterflower record.
Shannon - Have you toured out of the Us yet, and if so, what was the most memorable tour?
Goo's - We've toured all over the world. The most memorable is probably our plane crash in Sicily or maybe our first tour abroad to Japan.
Chat - I really like both It's Over and Sympathy. Do you plan on releasing these 2 cuts as singles? Also, are there videos in the works?
Goo's - The record company decides what the singles will end up being. Those are 2 really great songs, and if they are singles, I'm sure there will be videos to follow them up.
Dallas2Duke - Hey, one of my favorite songs on the album is What A Scene and I was wondering what made you write that and/or inspired you to write it.
Goo's - Los Angeles, baby!
Irish - What is your favorite comfort item that you always take with you on tour?
Goo's - Mike, running shoes...John, 300 documentary DVDs...Robby, a bagful of weird stuff
ggdgal - what would you say is the best/worst thing about being in a band?
Goo's - The best thing about being in a band is being in a band. But that only happens for about an hour and a half a day. Multiply that by a 2 year tour and that's a lot of time you spend away from home, not being in a band. Not complaining.....nobody likes a bitchy rock star...but you asked.
Melodee - If you could choose anyone to play you in a movie about your life, whom would you choose?
Goo's - Wilson Phillips
Bberrios - What inspired you to write this new album?
Goo's - We got sick of playing the last one.
Gutterflower - What do you like to do when you are not touring or recording?
Goo's - We are always touring and recording, so we are not quite sure.
Linniegrace - I just want to thank you for your inspiration.'ve touched so many people with your words and music..i guess i would like to know how you feel knowing that you can change so many lives just by letting yourself be heard and doing what you love to do.
Goo's - I guess that's all just a byproduct of doing what we love to do.
Temple - From Melissa and Temple in Idaho - Do you feel like you've collectively dealt with a lot of "life lessons" for the 16 years you've been together as a band and are now in a place in your music and lives where you are still challenged as artists, but comfortable because you have the lessons to write songs and music about?
Goo's - It's never comfortable having painful experiences. I guess we're soft of lucky, having something to channel those experiences towards and maybe that helps us sort out some of the details, unfortunately, it all happens in public but once again i guess it's just a byproduct of doing what we love to do.
JayBe - During this promotion blitz of Gutterflower, what event, show..has been the most fun for you guys?
Goo's - We did an "in-store" in New York City at FYE and they put speakers downt the street and a huge crowd gathered around the front window of the store. And the police all recognized us from the Madison Square Garden show in October of last year. And joined the crowd to celebrate the release of our Gutterflower record. It was a lot of fun.
Linniegrace - What is it like spending so much time with the same people in the band as you do for so long?
Goo's - Sometimes it's like having a rock in my shoe for 16 years. But it's always good to know there's people around you that you can count on when push comes to shove.
Kendra - What do each of you feel is the greatest change in your music over the years? Improvements? Regrets? How do you maintain balance in the public eye?
Goo's - These days we try to maintain balance by being very careful about what we let people hear and being very choosy about the material that is on our records. There's always a chance you are going to tip over, because balance seems a lot tougher to maintain when folks are watching. But we've managed to grow ovet the past 16 years. Nonetheless, clumsy moves and all, and we've made an obvious progression over those years.
Xznznz - I was wondering how you came out with the title Gutterflower for the new album?
Goo's - It comes from a Pable Naruda poem. It really has nothing to do with the record. It was just a very visual word. And it really stuck in our minds.
Linda - How long did it take to finish the Gutterflower cd?
Goo's - About 4 months to record, although in the middle of it all the nonsense of 9/11 occurred. And as the rest of the world, our scene came to a grinding halt. Luckily we had been asked to participate in some of the 9/11 shows and through that experience put our heads back in place where it seemed reasonable if not almost necessary to go in and finish the record we had started before all of that chaos had began.
Gutterbabe - Which current popular artist(s) do you indentify with? why?
Goo's - Maybe Tom Petty because through his entire career he's just sort of gone where he felt he should go. Styles came, styles went and he kept his course. Love Tom Petty
Gutiargirl1982 - Do any of you play more than 1 instrument?
Goo's - Not really. We all sort of "fiddle" around with many instruments.
Wendy - What are Robby's plans for his new studio?
Goo's - It will open in July in downtown Buffalo.
Trac - What do you love best about your fans?
Goo's - We have a very special kind of fan. They take offense at a bad review or at someone lifting a zip file of our new record. rather than dropping a couple dollars on the counter. I think, over the years, they've gotten a chance to know us as more than just the "guys" in the band.
Will - What is your MUST HAVE food when you are on tour?
Goo's - Grilled chicken breast.
Dizzy01 - When it's all said and done, what type of influence do you hope to leave?
Goo's - A good one on my kids.
Danni - Robby, what is your favorite song your band has made?
Goo's - So Outta Line
parting words:
Goo's - Oh thing..this is real cool..(they say about the key for Gutterflower)
Thanks alot for coming.
We should do this again.
Bye Bye!
Love, GOO